Have we forgotten

I came into my house the other day and there was my 6 year old, exactly where I left her playing games on her tablet while watching TV, and suddenly I had, had enough. It was time to put away the games and do something creative or merely play outside. I hear teachers complaining that they need more technology to grab their students attention because they are so numb to all other forms of learning due to the games they play. I remember growing up and playing outside with my friends, we were always “pretending” to be our favorite characters in a book or movie and we had more fun imagining our backyard was a far off place then we did sitting in front of the tv. If fact, I was allowed 30 minutes of TV a day and that was it. As a child my imagination ran wild, there was nothing I couldn’t do, I could fly through the air, swim the deepest oceans, or ride my horse (bike) across the vast deserts. It was a magical time and I want my children to experience that magic. They can be the princess in the fairytale or the hero in the latest book, by using their imagination and letting it run wild. So I sat down with my family and set out the new rules, only 30 minutes of TV/Tablet per day, 1 hour on the weekends, it is time we started exploring our world again. Perhaps, if we encourage our children to play with each other, to understand their world, maybe we can help them realize that a person’s life is not like the video games, you can’t hit reset and start all over again. Live life to its fullest, enjoy the world, enjoy a good book, take a picnic, take a hike, go fishing, there are so many adventures out there waiting to be had. Think of all we have missed. Today I think my imagination will take me to a sandy beach with the ocean lapping at my feet.

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