Family Harmony

One of my resolutions this year is to get the family eating at the table with the TV off. It seems that our lives are so chaotic that we no longer have simple conversations about how are days are and what we have been doing. Usually when I get home after a 10 hour day at work, I am rushing to help cook dinner, help with homework, we sit in front of the TV to eat, do the dishes, get the kids in the bath and into bed, then rush around trying to get everything in order for the next day. Of course there is always the, “Mom, I need to wear our school shirt tomorrow, it is spirit day and could you do something special with my hair?” So I spend the next hour, finding the prized shirt, washing it and putting it in the dryer before I shower and get into bed myself. It made me wonder where my life was going, my husband and I seem to just coexist in the crazy word we have created and are always rushing from one event to the next. So I decided we should all eat at the table and the TV is off. The first couple of times the conversation seemed to stutter, it would take off and then stall. After, the second time even my two-year old decided to join in the conversation, and now 3 weeks into my new resolution, we all have funny conversations at the table. I hear what my kids are doing at school, I hear their funny stories about what my oldest daughter does at recess and my 2-year-old just makes us all laugh. My husband and I decided that we would start taking the first 30 minutes after we put the kids down to bed to enjoy a glass of wine and talk about our day and remember why we were married in the first place. I noticed all of our days seem to go by smoother and I hear about needing that shirt a lot sooner than right before bedtime. Next hurdle, budgeting as a family, more on that later.

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One Response to Family Harmony

  1. gemmafeltham says:

    A lovely account of how just taking the time to be a family can really make all the difference. I miss these conversations with my family since I moved out, and look forward to them when a trip home is coming up. I’m sure you’re children will say the same when they grow up too!

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