Allegiant by Veronic Roth Review

I am a huge fan of Divergent and Insurgent, I love the story plot, the characters and the way the author draws you into their lives. I was looking so forward to Allegiant answering the question of what is going on outside the fence. I must say Allegiant is nothing like I thought it would be, in some cases that is good, in this, not so much. I understand the different POV the author decided to switch too (not sure why you would switch writing styles at the end of a trilogy) but you should be able to distinguish between the two voice, I could not, in fact multiple times I had to go back and see whose point of view I was reading. Also, there were several instances that I believe the author forgot what POV she was writing on, at one point it was supposed to be Tobias POV but it could only be Tris’s POV because the person narrating is talking about looking at Tobias. Next problem, the story line, when you find yourself at nearly the end of the book trying to figure out how the author could possibly tie up all the loose ends and give the answers to all the questions because you now have a dozen more than when you started, you know a book is in trouble. How did they get the serum to Jeanine without giving themselves away, how did not one person realize her mother suddenly appeared and how did they retain their vital information (name, occupation, children) when it would have been wiped by the memory serum? Why did they just not reset all the divergent that escape the fence so that they had no memory of what they left? How did a man who was too weak to roll his wheelchair suddenly have the strength to roll it to the weapons lab and be waiting for her? Like I said to many more questions than answers. Next problem, did the author just pick up her plot outline from insurgent and regurgitate it? Think about it, Tris and Tobias are upset with the other one lying, he thinks she is being immature and goes against her advice, someone gets killed, she gets mad, they find out who the big bad leader is, she goes against the plan and decides she is the only one who can do it for the right reasons, but wait the plot changes and this time she gets killed. What bothers me about Veronica Roth killing her off the way she did was because the theme of having a choice and how upset she was that it was taking from her, was preached over and over, yet in the end they did not try and give the leaders a choice but instead decided to wipe their memory without any thought to the ramifications of doing that. There are so many problems with this book: the lack of differences in the point of views, the holes in the plot and the fact the characters did a complete 180 in a single book. Also, how is this story good for young adults and teens? The end of the story shows all but one of the “bad” characters surviving and continuing on and only a fraction of the “good” characters surviving. We lost all but Tobias, Christina, Cara and Zeke from the first book. Yet Marcus, Evelyn, Caleb, David and Peter survive. What does that teach our youth, that the good die young, evil will always survive? Tris’s “sacrifice” was unnecessary in the story line she created, had Caleb sacrificed his life, his character may have been redeemed. Also, in the plot Ms. Roth created what would it have mattered if she wiped the counsel at this one location, there were several others with the same serums, the same problems and they would not be affected. One more thing we are expected to swallow is that the man who is inoculated against every other serum fails to make sure he is immune from a memory serum that can be released against the whole complex? Sorry, too many holes for me to see the story as beautiful in anyway. I gave this book 2 out of 5 Stars. The author had so much potential to work with and she dropped the ball. A disappointing end to what could have been an extraordinary series.

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